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Andrée Jardin Sneaker Care Cleaning Kit in Wooden Gift Box

SKU 5300-1532

Treat your trainers right with this cleaning kit.

Perfect for keeping your sneakers in top condition, the set includes:

  • a sponge
  • a handled nylon brush  with stiff fibers
  • a gentle sneaker soap
  • an anti-stain waterproofing liquid solution
Made in France, the kit is beautifully presented in a wooden box.

🌿 Composition

- Brush : beechwood and white nylon
- Sponge: Polyester foam with abrasive side: Alumina oxide fine grain
- Soap: glycerine gel 50 ml without solvents or chemicals
- Anti-stain waterproofing spray 50 ml: fluorinated compound on aqueous base enriched with a food oil, without solvent
- Made in France

📏 Dimensions

Box Length 6.125” x Width 5.25” x Height 2”

✔️ Tips

- Brush: ideal for deep cleaning, especially for your soles and lace eyelets.
- Sponge: white side for cleaning the upper of the shoe or delicate surfaces / orange side for the soles or embedded stains
- Soap : put the soap on the brush or the wet sponge and rub well. Rinse lightly with water and let dry
- Anti-stain waterproofing: apply an even layer by spraying it crosswise on the shoe

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Andrée Jardin

Since 1947 Andrée Jardin has created "de vrais balais qui durent" (translation "real brushes that last"). Andrée Jardin is reviving the craft of what were once called "Paris articles": hairbrushes, clothes brushes, house brushes, brooms.... Promising simplicity, quality and durability, Andrée Jardin designs and manufactures essentials for the home that are equal parts useful, well-made and beautiful.