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Au Nain Boucher Set of 4 Beech Wood Steak Knives with Leather Pouch

by Au Nain
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SKU 7999-1500104/S4

This set of four masterfully crafted steak knives comes in a leather knife roll, or travel pouch. Features natural beech wood handle. 

 Au Nain

Made in a small town of Thiers, France's capital for knife makers, these knives are the product of a booming cutlery-making industry that began in the Middle Ages. Expertly crafted knives are thus no stranger to the region.

In the beginning, Au Nain's main competitor was led by a man of small stature who called himself "The Giant of Knifemaking." The name "Au Nain" was born as a humorous response to this, translating as "to the dwarf" or "to the gnome." Their logo of the gnome, shown on the blade, remains to this day.