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Maison Pechavy Set of Candles & Long Matches (Nude)

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SKU 2100-65143
  • Box of 10 handcrafted candles in pastel colors & a box of 40 long matches

    10 handcrafted candles in nude tones & a box of long nude matches. At Maison Pechavy, we love vibrant colors. What a joy to associate our boxes of long matches with a bundle of 10 candles in various colors. These fine and colorful candles were created specifically for Maison Pechavy. Unique colors that resonate with each of our sets of long matches. This combination consists of the Nude set of long matches and a collection of candles in three shades: linen, tobacco, tonka.

    Follow your desire and decorate the top of your fireplace with these artisanal candles with the box of long matches. 

    Arranged as you wish in small diverted glass jars, in our new candle holders or stuck in sand, these 0.8 to 1 cm diameter artisanal candles bring color into your home. Create a harmonious whole by placing the Maison Pechavy box of long matches next to these unique candles, placed on your fireplace mantel or on a console. 

    These extra-large matches let you light fires (wood stove or fireplace), scented candles and barbecues with less risk of burns. They are made from natural poplar wood and are untreated to keep the air in your home clean.

    The so-called "diving" candle manufacturing method makes it possible to shape conical candles, thinner at the top. The cotton wicks are placed in a U-shape on wooden sticks, fixed on frames and then immersed in wax. Color pigments are sprinkled throughout the melted wax. The colors obtained are alive and sometimes surprising to create unexpected hues. The wax used is a combination of food paraffin and high quality beeswax that does not run, burn slowly and does not emit smoke.


    - a bundle of 10 candles in linen, tobacco, tonka shades. Height 30 cm, between 0.8 and 1 cm in diameter at the base. 

    - a box of long matches in untreated poplar, length 19.5 cm.