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Fer à Cheval Cicada Genuine Marseille Soap Olive Oil 125g

SKU 8600-021900

The cicada, the most iconic souvenir of Provence is now available in our portfolio. Our cicada comes in its most authentic form, made from olive oil, without fragrances, dyes or preservatives.


This new original and fun soap are a true invitation to Provence !

  • Very easy to carry and dry: they can be hung next to the shower or a kitchen sink
  • Zero waste format
  • Fun and original sizes for a Provençal souvenir gift

Net weight when packed : 125g



Ingredients : Sodium Olivate - Sodium Cocoate - Aqua - Sodium Chloride - Sodium Hydroxide

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SKU 8600-021900
 Weight 4.4 oz.

The Ancestral cauldrons saponification process
Nearly 10 days are necessary for the elaboration of Fer a Cheval's cauldron-cooked soap according to the Marseille process. This ancestral know-how transmitted by Master soap makers through generations is still used to this day.
A natural, hypoallergenic soap
This soap is exclusively plant-based. It does not contain any preservatives, dyes, additives or animal fat. No palm oil.
Biodegradable and environmentally-friendly.
It represents an ecological alternative to chemicals found in most skin care and housekeeping products.

Fer à Cheval is one of the founders of the UPSM (Union des Professionnels du Savon de Marseille), literally Union of Marseille Soap Professionals, which strives for the certification of authentic Marseille soap.

This logo guarantees a soap made:

• exclusively from plant-based oils, without chemical additives, preservatives, or fragrance

• in cauldrons according to the ancestral, 5-step, Marseille process

• in Marseille.