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Andrée Jardin and Soft Bristle Vegetable Brush Tradition

SKU 5300-1821

Do not peel any more! Brush! Thanks to this vegetable brush, you will be able to consume vegetables without peeling them, and thus preserve the nutritional values ​​such as the vitamins of the foods concerned. 

It is in fact in the skin that we most often find the most nutritious elements of a vegetable. 

This vegetable brush has the special feature of having 2 hardnesses:

  • a rigid side with a mixture of plant fibres of basin and tampico
  • a softer side in plant tampico fibres

🌿 Composition
- Beechwood from French sustainably managed forests
- Tampico and basin plant fibres
- Made in France

📏 Dimensions
11,5 cm x 4,5 cm x 5 cm

✔️ Tips
To maintain its effectiveness, rinse it after each use and wash it occasionally with vinegar or soapy water.