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Maison Pechavy Firelighters & Matches Set (Nude)

SKU 2100-60033
  • Set of 60 natural firelighters and a box of 35 long (11 cm) and 40 extra-long (22 cm) matches made from untreated poplar wood

    This set of Nude natural firelighters showcases a new design focusing on nature The tree design symbolises the strength of nature, where Maison Pechavy draws its inspiration.

    This Nude Essentials collection features the emblematic century-old tree design of Maison Pechavy. Inspired by the fashionable shades of autumn, this colour fits harmoniously into any room.

    This beautiful set includes a box of 60 natural wood wool firelighters and 2 assorted boxes of matches, providing a wonderful addition to your fireside décor. You can also make it a gift with the Maison Pechavy brown paper bag included with your order. Your order will also include a small card you can personalise. Do away with newspapers, alcohol and chemical-soaked cubes and enjoy a sustainable wood fire.

    These stylish, eco-friendly firelighters and elegantly long matches are essential to start any type of fire in a fireplace, wood stove or barbecue, safely, quickly and easily. These ecological firelighters are coated with pure, odour-free wax that ignite without emitting unpleasant, toxic smoke in your home. The matches are made from untreated poplar wood and are extra-long for safer lighting.


    • - 60 natural firelighters: 100% natural mechanically twisted wood wool sticks, from sustainably managed FSC-certified forests. Coated in pure, natural, odour-free wax for easy lighting.Chemical-free - leaves no deposits on your fireplace, wood stove or insert. Made in Germany to guarantee superior quality.
    • - 35 long matches: 11 cm, made from untreated poplar wood.
    • - 40 extra-long matches: 22 cm, made from untreated poplar wood.
    • - The firelighter packaging was designed and manufactured in Agen, Southwest France.
    • - Our products are also packaged in our warehouses in Agen.



    • - These natural firelighters help you light any type of fire in fireplaces, wood stoves, barbecues or fire pits. One stick is enough to light any fire. Slow burning time: 8 to 10 minutes. 
    • - Large matches make lighting fires easier with less risk of burns. 
    • - Use the top-down technique to light your fire. Place large logs at the bottom of the hearth, then medium-sized logs perpendicularly on top, the kindling, then the firelighter at the top. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a dry place.