Orban & Sons Brass Puller #4
Orban & Sons Brass Puller #4
Orban & Sons Brass Puller #4


Orban & Sons Brass Puller #4

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 Orban & Sons

Orban & Sons celebrates the hardware store of decades past. An institution that, much like the sturdy wares it sells, stands the test of time in the community it calls home. A place where you'll always find exactly what you need among the tidy displays brimming with odds and ends and leave feeling inspired by the array of texture, color and materials stacked from floor to ceiling. In this instant-everything newest-now age, Orban & Sons evokes this good old fashioned hardware store and presents a collection of vintage inspired & expertly crafted essentials for the home.

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SKU 1519-VCF143
Height 1.77"
Width 3.34"
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