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Q: What are your order minimums?

A: Opening orders must meet our minimum of $600. Each subsequent order must be at least $400 in total.


Q: What payment terms do you accept?


A: For all web orders we require current credit card information for payment. Orders will not be picked or packed without valid payment information on file.


Q: Does Kiss That Frog do custom work?


A: Yes. Kiss That Frog has done extensive custom, private label work in metal, textiles, ceramics and glass. For more details on custom work please contact us at  


Q: How do I report damages or errors with a shipment?


A: If you receive a shipment and have damages or errors we ask that you report them within ten (10) days of receipt of your parcel. For breakage we will ask for photographs of the damage to be sent to us. We may ask that affected pieces be sent back to our office so please keep the pieces in your possession until we instruct you to do otherwise.


Damages and errors can be reported to us by calling (510) 524-7611 and selecting option one (1) to speak with customer service. You may also fax claims to (510) 524-7612. Additionally you may e-mail us at


Questions about Laguiole Cutlery


Q: What is platine?

A: Platine refers to a design detail that is visible along the portion of stainless steel on the knife handle. It is zipper-like in appearance and adds both weight and an additional cost to the final piece. There is no functional difference between a platine quality and a standard quality knife.

Platine is shown on the left:


Q: How do you say Laguiole?


A: Officially Laguiole is pronounced “lay-ole” but “lah-gwee-ole” is also accepted.


Q: Are all Laguiole products produced in France?

A: Laguiole is not a brand name but rather a town in the midi-Pyrenees region of France.  Kiss That Frog carries a large assortment of Laguiole made in France, as well as an assortment produced in Asia, which is still designed and imported from France.  We offer both options so that we can give our customers both the quality and heritage for which Laguiole products are known while also carrying items that are competitively priced for the gift and home markets.