Terms and Conditions

Kiss That Frog Terms and Conditions

– We will contact you for payment via phone or email within 3 business days of order placement.  If you are not contacted within 3 days, please call 510-524-7611 with payment.  If we are unable to obtain payment within 2 weeks, the order will be cancelled.  ​


SHIPPING – We ship exclusively with UPS and have a daily pick up at 4:30pm PST.  Any special shipping requests must be submitted at the time an order is placed. If freight exceeds 25% of the total cost of the order, we will contact you so you can amend the order to offset the cost of freight.  There is a 2 week limit on order amendment.  After 2 weeks we will ship the order.


BACK ORDERS – Kiss That Frog automatically ships all available back orders within 90 days of the original PO date.  If more than 90 days have passed since the order was placed, we will contact the buyer to ensure they are still interested to receive the merchandise. 


CLAIMS – ALL claims must be reported within 10 days of shipment receipt.  Kiss That Frog is not responsible to replace or credit items that were reported as defective past this 10-day window.  We will not ship replacements internationally.  Kiss That Frog reserves the right to refund instead of sending replacements.

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